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I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. When I was young I was constantly scribbling on paper (and sometimes even the walls) with crayons, markers, and pencils. This passion to create has never left me, it just grew and evolved as I did. This is what drove me to get a BFA in animation from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and an associates degree in specialized business: special effects makeup from Douglas Education Center. After completing my formal education, I apprenticed to learn the art of tattooing. I have now been tattooing for over a year. It is my goal to combine my love of a variety of different mediums and techniques to create the greatest end results possible for whatever project I am working on. No matter if I'm sculpting a crazy creature, or doing a colorful, cartoony tattoo, I am only truly happy when I'm fully engulfed in my artistic imagination. 

Makeup/SFX Work Experience

Locust Street Entertainment, Pittsburgh, PA                           

  • Webseries "Theo and the Professor"

    • Lead Makeup Artist

    • Creature Design

    • Animator

  • Short Film "Baby"

    • Makeup Artist

      • Awarded best makeup by Pittsburgh's 48 Hour Film Project

  • Stage Makeup, Haunted Oaks Film Festival

  • Short Film "Marn"

    • Makeup Artist​

      • Awarded best makeup by Pittsburgh's 48 Hour Film Project​

Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction, South Park, PA

  • Core Makeup Artist

  • Core Actor 

  • PNC Park's Zombie Night

  • Short Film, 100.7 Bubba Show's "100.7 Acres From Hell"    

Freelance Makeup Artist

  • ​Stage Show, "Winnie-The-Pooh And The 7 Deadly Sins", The Rage of the Stage Players Production 

  • 48 in 24 Project 

  • Feature, "My Autopsy" , A Screaming Butterfly Entertainment Production 

  • Commercial, "Family Medical Center" 

  • Short Film, "Zombies: Art Brings You to Life: Episode 2", Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Production

  • Feature, “Batsh!t”, A Just Buried Production

  • Short Film, "Zombies: Art Brings You to Life: Episode 1", Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Production

  • Stage Show, “Fright Night”, The Rage of the Stage Players Production

  • 24 in 24 Project 6.0

  • Music Video, "The Cicada Tree" by Byzantine

  • Short Film, "It's A Wonderful District", Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Production

  • Short Film, “Pickin’ Up Mickey Kelly”, A Vinegar Hill Production

  • Short Film, “Hobo Hunters”, A Reckless Amnesiac Production

  • 24 in 24 Project 4.0

  • Music Video, “Burn Them All” by Lexa Terrestrial

  • Music Video, “Dawn” by Echo Black

  • Short Film, "The Replacement"

  • Ted Rouse's Turner Classic Movie Contest Submission

  • Eat Your Heart Out: Zombie Valentine's Day Show

  • Greene County Boy Scouts Annual First Aid Competition

  • Webseries, “A Day in the Life of a Vigilante”

  • RAW Pittsburgh Presents: Verve

  • Short Film, “Blink of an Eye”, A Death Dealer Production

Bloodlines Gallery
 4764 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
For appointments please email:
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